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thursday 13

13 Frequently Asked Christmas Questions (and their answers!)
according to our local newspaper ;o)
  1. What does Santa do when a house does not have a chimney or there is a fire burning in the fireplace?

Santa likes to keep a few things secret so he can always surprise the kids he is visiting--all he will say to this question is that he uses a little magic, but he *always* finds a way.

2. Does Rudolph always lead the sleigh?

Rudolph is most always the lead reindeer thanks to his wonderful bright nose.

3. How do the reindeer fly?

A long time ago Santa and his helpers discovered magical oats and corn-- when the reindeer eat the oats and corn they become able to fly and leap high into the air.

4. Why can't I ever see Santa or his elves?

Santa and his elves are magical and move very quickly. Sometimes, if you are very good, you *might* catch a glimpse of an elf!

5. How does Santa's sleigh make it around the world in one day?

Through a combination of lots of practice and hard work, judicious use of time zones, and a little magic, Santa and his reindeer always make it in time!

6. How does Santa know whether I've been naughty or nice?

Santa maintains his naughty and nice list (now computerized, by the way!) with the help of all the elves who keep track of each person-- you probably arent even aware they're around you, but elves have a special way of keeping an eye on you. Sometimes if you look quickly enough, you *might* catch one peering in a window or around a corne, but you would have to be very fast and very good!

7. How many reindeer are in the North Pole?

Besides the reindeer that pull the sleigh, there are lots of other reindeer that live in the North Pole! Too many for even Santa to count or keep track of these days!

8. What are the names of Santa's reindeer?

The reindeer that pull the sleigh are: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder (or Donner, he likes both since some of the small reindeer have trouble saying Donder), Blitzen, and of course, Rudolph. There are many other reindeer who live at the North Pole, but there is not room to list them all.

9. What do Santa and Mrs. Claus do during the spring and summer?

Santa and Mrs. Claus take a vacation after the holiday season. They like to see different parts of the world. Last summer they visited New Zealand, part of Europe, and the Florida Keys.

10. Why doesnt Santa always bring me what I ask for?

Thanks to the elves and your gift lists, Santa usually knows what presents you would like to recieve. However, sometimes Santa also knows that your parents, family, or guardians have other special things in mind. Also, Santa does not like to bring gifts that he knows your parents etc. would prefer you not to have--such as a horse, or a space shuttle, or other gifts that might not be appropriate.

11. Why does Santa Claus climb down the chimney?

Santa first began climbing down the chimney for Dutch children. Similarly, the switches he leaves for naughty children originated for Dutch children. His red suit trimmed with white fur originated from the bishop's mitre and cape worn by the Dutch saint.

12. How old is Santa and when is Santa's birthday?

Well, let's just say that Santa stopped counting at 550 and leave it at that! There have been plenty of Christmas nights where he's done his part, and plenty of more to come ;)

13. Does Santa really need snow to make his Christmas deliveries?

No, Santa does not need snow everywhere to make deliveries. As long as there is snow somewhere in the world (and there always is) the deliveries will go through! After all, Santa delivers to Florida, California, Hawaii, parts of Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, Africa, and other areas that have no snow! However, Santa does enjoy seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights that people put up, whether there is snow or not!

*Maybe your kids like to ask "hard to answer" questions?, maybe these will help :)*

Merry Christmas!!

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At 12/22/2006 02:48:00 AM, Anonymous local girl said...

These are great! It will help when Girlie Girl starts asking those tough questions!ht    

At 12/23/2006 09:59:00 PM, Blogger tiggerprr said...

So THAT's why Santa hasn't ever brought me my Space Shuttle!!!! I've been wondering! ;)

This was a great list! I'm sorry I'm so late visiting...where has the time gone the last few days!? :)    

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