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Well, the holidays are about here! I dont know about anyone else, but in my family, even Halloween is a big deal. The girls are really excited this year. Of course, they are going to be transformed into beautiful Fairy Tale Princesses. But you know what? I think that 99% of the little girls I know are going to be Princesses this year LOL Shelby chose to be Snow White, complete with black wig; and Shaleena chose to be Sleeping Beauty with flowing blonde wig. We are supposed to go trick-or-treating 3 times. (*yes I said 3!*) Once on Friday night at the local college. They will be handing out candy at all the dorms, the gym, etc. On Saturday night we are supposed to go to Fun World. Fun World is our version of Chuck E. Cheese's. They are going to have a parking lot full of booths to trick-or-treat at. And then on Tuesday night, wich is actually Halloween, we will haunt the square here, and in the neighboring county wich is located in North Carolina. Gee, I wonder, is that too much? UH YAH! But hey, as long as the girls are having fun, how can we go wrong? It's not like they'll eat all that candy all at once! It usually gets seperated and put in the freezer for our enjoyment throughout the year!!! Oh yes, and on tuesday, after trick-or-treating, we are going to a Haunted Corn Maze and Hay Ride! I love that. The hot apple cider and hot dogs, the goofy masked men jumping out at us and scaring the adults while the children laugh...

Okay, It's freaking cold here! We've had a few snow flurries on and off today. Thats not so unusual for some states in October, but here? Since we moved here from Florida in 1996 I dont think I've seen ANY form of snow before mid-November. But I LOVE IT! I love snow, I love winter, I love it ALL!

I'm looking for some good Christmas Cookie recipes. My mom, my sis and I get together like the week before Christmas every year and bake cookies all day for one day. We also make candy. But, now I am looking for some new cookie recipes, I'm tired of the same old ones!

By the way you guys, I havent been getting a lot of traffic lately. I know I was gone for quite a while, but I'm back, so I wish you all would start visiting me again :)

I hope you all have a wonderful night!
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At 10/24/2006 02:38:00 AM, Anonymous kailani said...

Girlie Girl is going as Sleeping Beauty, too. I wonder at what age they outgrow the princess thing?

I wish it would snow here. Today was a hot and humid 88 degrees!

You know I'll still come and visit!    

At 10/24/2006 06:06:00 AM, Blogger Samantha said...

You are a wonderful person Kailani! I know I can count on you :)
Hmm...I wonder if they will outgrow it? LOL
88 in the middle of October? sheeeeeeesh!    

At 10/24/2006 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my brother the dentist says it would be better if they ate the candy all at once.

Wouldnt' it be great if they stayed little princess.. sigh. Now i have princess granddaughters. But, they live so far away.

Ref the corn maze. We went to my first one last Saturday night with friends. It was A W F U L.... we got lost. We finally had to have one of the guys hiding in the corn give us directions out. I had to potty so badly........................    

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