MoMmY nEeDsA mAi-tAi !!!

Live life to the fullest... Enjoy the love of your children... Love your spouse... Drink a mai-tai every now and then... Thats how things should be...

Friday Feast/First Day of School

Feast One Hundred & Six

Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.
It's funny how the things I used to play with when I was little are now back in style. CareBears, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and the always popular Barbie! I had all these things at one point or another, but Barbie was my favorite! I remember, between my sister and I, we had like 6 laundry baskets full of Barbies and Kens, and all the accessories.

If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?
Does anyone else think of "The Question" they ask the Miss America Contestants? LOL
If I could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, it would be medical care. I know there are things like medicare, and medicaid, and programs that help pay for prescriptions, but there are still SO many people out there that cant/wont go to the DR. because they dont have insurance. I know that DR's and Nurses have to make a living too, but I just hate it that so many people are sick and cant get the help that they need.

Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other? just depends on my mood, and the time of day! I think about him a lot when he's working. He's a painter, and he has to get up on very high walkboards, and paint very high buildings and ceilings and what not, so I worry about him a lot. I also think about him when I'm sad or lonely, because the thought always make me feel a little better :) (Unless I'm mad at him, then I think about breaking his big toe or something LMAO)

Main Course
What is something you believe in 100%?
God, hands down. I may not go to church every Sunday, but I believe in him wholeheartedly! He has come through for me too many times for me not to believe in Him!

Name one thing you have done this week that you would consider a "good deed."
I babysat my 18 mth. old nephew and my 1 1/2 mth. old neice all day AND night for my sister!

Well, yesterday was Brat1 and Brat2's first day of headstart! They did great :) Although Brat2 came home with no socks and her hair was tore down from her piggytails! I asked her why she took her socks off and she said "because my toes were hot, mommy!" LOL What can you say to that? They brought home pictures that they drew today and it was so sweet! Brat2 also has a hard time laying down for a rest when the other kids do, but Brat1 doesnt have any problems at all! They didnt even fuss when I left them there! They were like "okay mom, see ya later" sheesh! The only problem I have with this headstart program is that they eat breakfast at 8:00 a.m, lunch at 10:30 a.m, and they DONT get a snack! So, when I pick them up, I bring a snack for them. The teachers said that it's not in their "funding" this year for snacks, so some of us parents asked why couldnt we bring snacks for the kids and the teacher said because they didnt have anywhere to store them, and they were only allowed to give the kids "school approved" stuff. I say thats a crock of s**t! Oh well, I'll just keep giving them a snack at 2:45 when I pick them up! So far so good...
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At 8/12/2006 04:28:00 AM, Anonymous Kailani said...

I'm so glad that your girls had a great 1st day of school! My daughter cried almost every day for a month!    

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