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My Fine Is....$355.50

I borrowed this from Tiggerprr, and I just had to play along and see what my fine would be! I dont consider myself a bad girl, but I guess time will tell...
If you participate, link back to us!

Here’s how it works: You don’t have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. And NO, it is not PER incident (otherwise, some of us would have totals more than the national debt - like mine almost does!).

To arrive at your “fine”, if you did a certain act on the following list, fine yourself the listed amount. Then when done going through the list, tally your fine for the total.

Smoked pot — $10
Did acid — $5
Ever had sex at church — $25
Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you — $40
Had sex with someone on MySpace — $25
Had sex for money — $100
Vandalized something — $20
Had sex on your parents’ bed — $10
Beat up someone — $20
Been jumped — $10
Crossed dressed — $10
Given money to stripper — $25
Been in love with a stripper — $20
Kissed some one who’s name you didn’t know — $0.10
Hit on some one of the same sex while at work — $15
Ever drive drunk — $20
Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk — $50
Used toys while having sex — $30
Got drunk, passed out and don’t remember the night before — $20
Went skinny dipping — $5
Had sex in a pool — $20
Kissed someone of the same sex — $10
Had sex with someone of the same sex — $20
Cheated on your significant other — $10
Masturbated — $10
Cheated on your significant other with their relative or close friend — $20
Done oral — $5
Got oral — $5
Done / got oral in a car while it was moving — $25
Stole something — $10
Had sex with someone in jail — $25
Made a nasty home video — $15
Had a threesome — $50
Had sex in the wild — $20
Been in the same room while someone was having sex — $25
Stole something worth over more than a hundred dollars — $20
Had sex with someone 10 years older — $20
Had sex with someone under 21 and you are over 27 — $25
Been in love with two people or more at the same time — $50
Said you love someone but didn’t mean it — $25
Went streaking — $5
Went streaking in broad daylight — $15
Been arrested — $5
Spent time in jail — $15
Peed in the pool — $0.50
Played spin the bottle — $5
Done something you regret — $20
Had sex with your best friend — $20
Had sex with someone you work with at work — $25
Had anal sex — $80
Lied to your mate — $5
Lied to your mate about the sex being good — $25

Tally it up and Title it…”My Fine Is…”
Come on Ya'll, let's see how bad YOU'VE been!!!!

*update* Okay, my fine is $355.50! I'm not quite the bad girl that Tiggerprr is ;) but I'm headed that way apparently LOL!!
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At 1/16/2007 11:10:00 AM, Blogger Pretty Lady said...

I am so glad you want to participate. Thank you so much!!! It's my first time hosting an exchange so I am all excited!!!
Can I borrow your meme? It sounds fun!!!    

At 1/16/2007 05:59:00 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

I lost track but I'm only in the early $100's. GOsh, I live a sheltered life!    

At 1/16/2007 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Heather said...

There's lots of room for technicalities in these, but the fact that I even thought, "What about this or that?" probably tells me that its a yes. I haven't added mine up yet, but all I can say is thank goodness it's not per occurrence or I'd be in trouble!!!!!!!!!!

At 1/17/2007 06:37:00 PM, Blogger Mama Duck said...

LOL I'm at $130, guess I'm not that bad after all ;).    

At 1/17/2007 09:50:00 PM, Blogger Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hey, we are sin sisters! I tallied in at $355.60! Although it's been so long since most of those things occurred, surely I've repented by now? (grin)    

At 1/20/2007 03:17:00 PM, Blogger mandy said...

Oh dear, I stopped counting, I'm british and we're far more relaxed about most of those things!!    

At 1/22/2007 01:15:00 AM, Blogger Katkat said...

90.10$ Wow I'm boring!    

At 2/08/2007 08:22:00 AM, Blogger Zeus said...

I don't know that I have time to complete this out to find out my fine. In fact, I'm practically frightened to find out.    

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